PCGC Bylaws

Poplar Creek Golf Club
Club Bylaws
July 2004 revision


The name of the Club shall be Poplar Creek Golf Club


1)     To work for the preservation and betterment of the Poplar Creek Golf Course.

2)     To cooperate with the Municipal Authorities of the City of San Mateo in the development and improvement of the Golf Course and endeavor to promote good will and courtesy in connection therewith as will harmonize individual interest with public interest.

3)     To furnish members, in good standing, of the Poplar Creek Golf Club with the opportunity to participate in tournaments held by our own organization, golf associations, social engagements and other organizations.


1. There shall be four (4) classes of memberships:

A.     Life & Honorary Members

1.      Life Members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Regular members present at the Annual Meeting, along with mail in votes, without duplication after having been proposed to the Board of Directors at the preceding meeting. No more than two (2) candidates shall be proposed in any one-year. Life members shall not be required to pay initiation fees or club dues but may elect, at their expense, to continue to pay NCGA dues.

2.      The Board will determine the two proposed Life Members for any year.

B.    Honorary Members

1.      Regular members who shall have entered the Armed Forces and membership shall continue for the duration of their service.

2.      Such other individuals as recommended to and approved by the Board of Directors subject to the subsequent approval of the membership.

3.      Honorary members shall not be required to pay club dues while in this classification.

C. Regular Members

1.      Regular Members shall be restricted to men only, minimum of eighteen (18) years of age or over, and in good Amateur standing. The number of Regular club members shall be limited to SIX HUNDRED (600).  “Regular Members” shall equal the total of the Regular and Senior membership.

D.  Senior Members

a.      Those members who have attained the age of 65 years, and who have paid dues to the Club for ten (10) consecutive years, shall be considered “Senior” Members.  Their annual dues shall be the current dues as set by the Board of Directors and shall include the current NCGA dues.

E. Junior Members

a.      Those who have not reached their eighteenth birthday.  Junior members shall not have voting privileges. Junior members cannot enter any of the Club Championship tournaments or play on club teams. Junior members cannot enter any regular club tournaments as a competitive member.

b.     Junior membership applications will be processed in accordance with all other membership applications. See Article XIII. Junior members must pay the current NCGA fees. All other fees are waived.

c.      Junior members will have first priority when applying as a regular member at age eighteen.  Junior members who move from junior status to Regular status shall pay the current renewal fees and than shall be bound by By-Laws as a Regular Member.


1.      The officers of the Club shall be President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and/or Treasurer, a Sergeant-at-Arms, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Club by the active membership of the club.

2.      The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be filled by one member or two, as the Club may elect.

3.      No Officer, Board Member, or Chairman, except the Secretary/Treasurer shall be salaried. The Secretary/Treasurer’s salary shall be set by the Board of Directors.


l. The Poplar Creek Golf Club shall be governed by a Board of Directors. Up to (9) Nine shall be elected at the annual Meeting of the Club, and shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified. In the event that the votes of the Board shall be equally divided upon any question, the President may cast the deciding vote.

2. The immediate Past-President, having served one full term, automatically becomes Ex-Officio Member of the Board for the ensuing year, with all rights and authority accorded those directors duly elected.


1. The Club Champion is the low gross winner of the Club Championship Tournament.

2. The Club Handicap Champion is the winner of the Spring Handicap Tournament


1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club Members and of the board of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as usually devolve upon an executive officer of a social organization.

2. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President.

3. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and all meetings of the Board of Director. He shall keep a record of all names and addresses of the Members of the Club, and shall be charged with the duty of notifying Members of the Board of Directors of meetings to be held by them. He shall keep a record of Club correspondence and perform such other duties as usually devolve upon the Secretary of a social organization.

4. The Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer) shall have charge of all funds of the Club, which funds shall be kept in a depository duly authorized by the Board of Directors, and he shall be authorized to disburse funds of the Club on approval of the Board of Directors

a. All Club disbursement checks shall be signed by two (2) persons, the President, Secretary/Treasurer, (Treasurer) and/or the Tournament Chairman.

b. No more than $50.00 may be expended by any Committee Chairman without prior approval of the Board of Directors.

c. The Board of Directors may authorize no more than $500.00 to be contributed to any organization requesting a contribution from the Poplar Creek Golf Club. Any request of more than $500.00 must be presented in writing to the Club and such requests must be voted on by the membership. Any such request must be read at the General Meeting of the Club, and a majority vote is required for approval.

d. The Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer) will file Federal Form 990 by the 15th of the 5th month following the close of the fiscal year.

5. The Sergeant-at-Arms must keep order at all meetings. At the request of the Chair, see to it that any member present at such meeting, who is disrupting regular procedure of such meeting by being disorderly to the extent of gross misconduct, is requested to either refrain from such misconduct or leave the meeting hall.

6. The Board of Directors of the Club shall have supervision over all the affairs of the Club. They shall make rules and regulations for the government of the club, subject to ratification by the members at large, act in an advisory capacity with the officers and committees, approve payment of bills and applications of members and have such other duties as usually devolve upon the government of a social organization. The Board of Directors shall appoint three (3) members for the purpose of annually auditing the books. Such audit shall be performed during October each year for submission to the general membership at the next general meeting.


1.  President shall appoint all committee chairmen during his term of office, those appointments to be subject to ratification by the Board of Directors. The function and duties of each committee will be defined in writing. These definitions will continue from year to year until changed by the board. The Club Secretary will record these definitions and any changes that may occur and make them available to any member on request. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the new officers and directions will be provided with copies in order to continue them or to effect change. A by-law change will not be required to effect changes in “definitions” established. The President is ex-officio member of all committees.  The President may add or modify committees as necessary, by the majority vote of the Directors.

1.      The suggested committees are:

Tournament, Handicap, Entertainment, Welfare, Course Improvement, Membership, Publicity, Rules and Bylaws, Life Membership Nomination, Officer/Director Nomination, Zero Tolerance, and Member Guest

2. At the first meeting of the calendar year (January) the Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee, which will consist of a chairman and four (4) other members. Said committee shall, at the July meeting prepare and post on the bulletin board a list of the recommended members for officers and the board of directors for the ensuing year. Nominations may also be made from the floor provided they are made at the regular July or August meeting. No more than four (4) candidates may be nominated in addition to committee recommendations for each office.


The annual meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of September of each year, unless otherwise agreed upon. Reasonable, advance written notice shall be given by the secretary to each member and fifteen (15) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A quorum is also defined as having received at least 15 completed, returned voting ballots.


1. A regular meeting of the Club shall be held no less than every three months. The Board of Directors shall have the option of setting the month and day of the meeting.

2. Due written notice of regular meetings shall be given by the Secretary to each member in good standing.  Meeting may take place provided a quorum of SIX Director’s are in attendance.


A Special Meeting of the club may be called by the President at any time, at his discretion, and shall always be called by him upon written request of fifteen (15) Active Members or Board of Directors. Due written notice of Special Meetings shall be given by the Secretary to each member in good standing.

The person or persons requesting a Special Meeting must personally defray all expenses incurred in holding said meeting. The notice should state the objective of the meeting and no business shall be transacted at the meeting except that mentioned in the call.  Typical Board business may be conducted provided a Quorum of SIX Directors are present.  Should proposed business for this special meeting be considered “emergency” or beyond the scope of “typical” Board business then the President or presiding Officer must obtain the attendance of at least 5 additional club members.


1. Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President at any time, and shall be called by the President upon request of six (6) Directors. Due notice of the meeting shall be given by the Secretary. Six (6) board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

2. If a member of the Board fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without valid reasons, his office shall be declared vacant.


Applications for membership in the club shall be signed by the applicant and he shall be proposed and recommended by two (2) members of the Club in good standing. This application shall be referred to the membership committee for screening and approval, and following such approval a favorable vote of the majority of the Board of Directors shall be necessary to election as a member.


The Board of Directors may suspend or expel from membership in the Club:

1. Any member at any time by a vote of not less than a majority of all Directors for any violation of the By-Laws, or for any conduct unbecoming a gentleman, or which may be prejudicial to the best interests of the POPLAR CREEK GOLF CLUB, provided the offending member shall be given notice by certified mail and an opportunity to be heard personally before the board., in a private session.  Failure to appear , after receipt of the letter and without extenuating circumstances could result in an adverse decision by the board, up to and including expulsion from the club,

2. Any member who has signed up for a Club sponsored tournament where fees are charged and fails to notify the Tournament Chairman of the need to withdraw, before the sign-up cutoff date will forfeit all fees. In the event a member needs to withdraw after the sign-up cutoff date, he must communicate with the Tournament Chairman, requesting a stand-by player take his place, if one is available.  In the event a stand-by player is not available, the member shall be responsible for all fees.


1. In the event the office of the President is vacated, the Vice-President shall become President immediately for the unexpired term. All other officer vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

 2. Temporary vacancy of the Secretary may be filled for a specific meeting by appointment of the President.

3. Vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the President, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors.


1.      Initiation Fee. Applicants for new membership in the Club shall pay an initiation fee as noted on the then current application form, plus the current club dues and current NCGA dues.

2.      Current member’s renewal dues are payable annually, typically in the month of October or November or on other dates as deemed necessary by the Board. 

c. Club dues.

1.      Regular Members. The current annual dues for regular members shall include the current NCGA dues.

2.      Senior Members

1)     Those members who have attained the age of 65 years, and who have paid dues to the Club for ten (10) consecutive years, shall be considered “Senior” Members.  Their annual dues shall be the current dues as set by the Board of Directors and shall include the current NCGA dues.

2)     Junior Members.

The annual Club dues for Junior Members will be waived. Any current NCGA dues are due and payable during the annual renewal period for which the dues apply.

4.  Honorary or Life Members. There are no Club dues required of Honorary or Life Members. However, should these members wish to remain active NCGA members, they are responsible annually to pay the current NCGA dues.

5. NCGA DUES. Membership in NCGA is required for all Regular, Senior and Junior members. Membership shall be optional for Honorary or Life Members. Regardless of Membership classification, the NCGA dues are to be paid by the member annually.  Multi-Club members shall be responsible for multi-club fees as required by the NCGA.  Any increase or decrease in NCGA dues shall automatically be extended to all participating members.  Members must maintain a current NCGA membership to participate in Club tournaments unless the Board allows for a special situation.

4. The term “annual dues” as used in these By-Laws shall mean payment of club dues, for twelve (12) consecutive months, as prescribed by the Board. The same “annual” designation shall apply to NCGA dues.

5. After April 1st each year, the Club dues shall be 50% of the current annual Club dues. There will be no change in the NCGA dues at midyear, unless changed by the NCGA.

6. Default.

1.  Those members who have failed to pay dues, within the current renewal timeframe as prescribed by the Board, shall be listed as “suspended” and this list shall be posted on the Club Bulletin Board or via other Club communication tools.

2.  Such suspended members shall lose all rights and privileges as a member until and unless reinstated. If the dues remain unpaid by the “re-instatement date” as prescribed by the Board and the club membership total has not reached the maximum under these by-laws, the member shall be required to pay the current reinstatement fee PLUS club dues PLUS current NCGA dues. Members who fail to reinstate by the current “Final reinstatement period”, shall cease to be a member of the club. A new membership, including initiation fees, club dues and the current NCGA dues, will be considered, provided the club membership maximum has not been reached. In the event the roster is full at the time he requests reinstatement, he must take a position on the membership waiting list.



l. A reserve fund not exceeding Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) shall be maintained, subject to emergency expenditures, in part, or as a whole upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, and upon submission of a plan for expenditure to the General Membership for their vote and approval either at a Special Meeting or a Regular Meeting.

2. Any funds in excess of the limits of the Reserve Fund shall go into the General Fund, which is maintained for the general welfare of the members.

3. In the event monies are expended from the Reserve Fund, these shall be replaced before additional monies are deposited into the General Fund.

4. If the financial condition of the club warrants, the Board may consider utilizing excess funds for any of the following special events:

a. Club Handicap Championship

b. Club Championship

c. Green fees for at least one outing.

d. Membership participation in events as recommended by the Board of Directors.



a. No part of these By-Laws shall be repealed or amended in whole or in part except by proposition therefore in writing, read at least two (2) successive regular meetings prior to the time of its being acted upon.

b. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to give notice of such proposition by mail, directed to all members at their last known address. Such notices must be mailed with regular or special meeting notices and posted on the Club Bulletin Board. Such a proposition shall be adopted upon two-thirds of the vote of all members present voting in favor thereof.

c. The Board of Directors, whose interpretation shall be final, shall determine any question concerning the meaning and intent of these By-Laws.



a. Reading of minutes

b. Secretary/Treasurers report

c. Report of Bills payable

d. Committee reports

e. Unfinished Business

f. New Business

g. The Chair

h. Adjournment


a. Meeting Rules

1.  For the purpose of conducting an orderly meeting, the Chair will use the rules and regulations of “Robert’s Rules of Order” as guidelines. The By-Laws and “Established Procedure” shall take precedence.

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