Tournaments of Champions (TOC)

Our season-ending tournament is the Tournament of Champions, better known as the “TOC” and is held usually in September.

How can you play in the TOC?

1) You can qualify by either:

  • Winning your flight during a season tournament
  • Be one of the top 5 spots on the Gilliam Points at the end of the season who have not won a tournament. A non-winner can qualify for the TOC up until the tournament just before the TOC.  An indicator of a non-winner is to look at the Gilliam Points for the top 5 players who don’t have “TOC” next to their names.

Either qualification allows you to play the TOC at a reduced rate.  Note that you are not automatically entered into the TOC – you still have to sign up to play.

2) If you have not otherwise qualified…

  • You may be able to play in the tournament if there are spots available.
  • The entry fee will be at the full course rate.
  • You will not be crowned the TOC Champion even if you come in with low net.
  • You are eligible to win and/or cash in your flight.


Winner During
Top 5 non-winner on Gilliam Points Not
Can Play? yes yes yes
Entry Fee reduced rate reduced rate full course rate
Eligible to win/cash in flight? yes yes yes
Eligible as TOC Champion? yes yes no


Misc notes…

  • The low net score for all flights combined during the TOC will be crowned the TOC Champion and will have their name engraved on the perpetual plaque displayed at Poplar Creek (near the posting computer).  The champ will also get free entry into the following year’s TOC.
  • Prize money earned during the TOC is not reflected in the Gilliam Points in either the current or next season.
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