Gilliam Points List – Current Season

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Final Points as of 09/15/17
  Member NameTotal Points
1.TOCHildebrand, Steve383
2.TOCRehn, Scott360
3.TOCSu, Brian360
4.TOCHagen, Kyle323
5.TOCPollard, Jason305
6.TOCJoseph, Charlie295
7.TOCEurkus, Mike290
8.TOCJarvis, William278
9.TOCFontaine, Levi268
10.TOCTragas, Jim265
11.TOCGubert, Randy255
12.TOCVanover, Cliff253
13.TOCStrahan, Bill250
14.TOCDelbon, David245
15.TOCWhite, Art233
16.TOCDelbon, Don215
17.TOCWrigley, Henry215
18.TOCKunz, Dennis213
19.TOCBradley, Michael205
20.TOCButzman, Dave205
21.TOCSanchez, Dan190
22.TOCWyman, Rod190
23.TOCAbayon, James188
24.Kmak, Tom183
25.TOCAndersen, Tim180
26.TOCGonsalves, Keith180
27.TOCOta, Doug178
28.TOCMcNeilly, Dave173
29.TOCCapote, Bill170
30.TOCFracchia, Andrew170
31.TOCGerstle, Ken165
32.TOCNessler, Rich160
33.TOCStevens, Bill155
34.TOCFracchia, Nick153
35.TOCShimabuku, Sid143
36.TOCHerd, Jason140
37.TOCLambrechts, James140
38.TOCMiyake, Al138
39.TOCFernandez, Kim135
40.TOCLorin, Bruce133
41.TOCReiser, Dennis125
42.Boone, Ken123
43.TOCSantoro, Thomas123
44.Metheany, Randy120
45.Sandoval, Armando110
46.Thaute, Bradley105
47.Duncan, Mike103
48.TOCCasillas, Manny100
49.Ditty, Ken100
50.TOCLambrechts, Martin100
51.TOCMiller, Wayne100
52.TOCNatenson, Glen100
53.Sevillia, Mike100
54.Ungaretti, Bryan100
55.TOCWoodall Jr., Mike100
56.TOCHutton, Peter98
57.Saunders, Garrett98
58.Irwin, Christopher93
59.TOCEsikia, Felila90
60.TOCKristofferson, Don90
61.TOCO'Malley, Kevin90
62.TOCSmith, Mel90
63.TOCMcGee, Mark85
64.Harris, John80
65.TOCIna, Kelly80
66.Stephenson, David73
67.Blackstock, Gordon70
68.TOCHyde, Bernie70
69.Jackson, David70
70.Marchetti, Chris70
71.Ochoa, Fred70
72.O'Malley, Frank70
73.Schenone, Mike70
74.Stein, Howard70
75.Bogenhuber, Alfread65
76.TOCCanepa, Joe60
77.Mulhearn, Mike60
78.Ryan, Jim60
79.Saxton, Perry60
80.Kellner, George55
81.TOCAguilar, Will50
82.TOCAmero, Zac50
83.TOCBaltor, Dave50
84.TOCFeeley, Bill50
85.TOCFrankel, Peter50
86.TOCGluck, Dave50
87.TOCUtigard, Norm50
88.Hovan, Joseph43
89.Reyes, Frank43
90.Bundy, Charles40
91.Cullinane, Mike40
92.Ditty, Matt40
93.Jauregui, Rich40
94.Pannetta, Mike40
95.Pomee, Sonasi40
96.TOCPurcell, Jack40
97.Shaffer, Michael40
98.Cochran, Chuck30
99.Cochran, Matt30
100.Colvin, Roger30
101.D'Eredita, Stephen30
102.Fuhrman, Paul30
103.Johnson, Eric30
104.Klein, Art30
105.Kuchlenz, Geoff30
106.Makishima, Stephen30
107.McCann, Jim30
108.Picchi, Emil30
109.Wood, Bill30
110.TOCDeSantis, Steve26
111.Hudec, PJ25
112.Jurado, Manuel25
113.Kim, Glenn25
114.Nikaido, Robert20
115.Venturino, John20
116.Ryan, Mike10

"TOC" Indicates player has qualified for the Tournament of Champions

If a player has both "TOC" and 1 point (which occurs usually at the beginning of the season), that player gained automatic entry into this season's Tournament of Champions by being the low net score from last season's TOC.

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