Player Statistics

Welcome Back!! After a long hiatus, the Player Statistics is back for your enjoyment.  For now, only the 2016 season is available.  The 2015 season is being entered into the database.

If you have any questions about these Stats, drop the webmaster (Bill Strahan) a message through the Contact page.

Known Issues Some players cashed twice in the 1-2-3 Best Balls tournament (individual and team event) and their season summary shows their prize money as blank.

Stats are updated through (12/31/69).

Player Statistics

These Stats are made available to our members so they can track their performance during the season. 

These stats are meant to be fun and informative.


Prior Seasons

Only the 2016 season and forward is available.  The 2015 season will be shown once it is entered into the database.


Be sure to consult the Help section for info and other helpful tips.

Features on the "Main Stats" Tab

More information about the new and improved Stats can be found in the Stats Help section.
Main Stats Preview

The Main Stats has a clean interface and a "bird's eye" view showing statistics across different categories in one page.

Main Stats Preview

Hover over a player's name for a popup information box showing a snapshot of the player's season.

Main Stats Preview

Columns are sortable by clicking on the orange columns. Clicking multiple times will toggle between ascending and descending.

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