Poplar Cup (2017)

Poplar Cup 2017

Final Results

Top ten spots shares the pot.
1Hildebrand, Steve1260
1Joseph, Charlie1260
3Jarvis, William1190
4Fontaine, Levi1130
5Gubert, Randy1030
6Eurkus, Mike1020
7Strahan, Bill970
8Delbon, David940
9Bradley, Michael930
10Vanover, Cliff890
11Rehn, Scott880
11White, Art880
13Ota, Doug860
13Su, Brian860
15Abayon, James850
15Kunz, Dennis850
17McNeilly, Dave800
18Santoro, Thomas760
19Lambrechts, Martin740
20Butzman, Dave730
20Kmak, Tom730
22Hagen, K720
22Miyake, Al720
24Herd, Jason710
25Fernandez, Kim690
26Fracchia, Andrew660
27Delbon, Don650
27Stevens, Bill650
29Capote, Bill640
30Tragas, Jim630
31Ditty, Ken620
32Wrigley, Henry610
33Gerstle, Ken580
33Hovan, Joseph580
35Andersen, Tim570
36Thaute, Bradley560
36Wyman, R560
38Fracchia, Nick550
38Woodall Jr., Mike550
40Badet, Lou540
41Sanchez, Dan520
42Lorin, Bruce490
43Duncan, Mike480
43Natenson, Glen480
43O'Malley, Kevin480
43Shimabuku, Sid480
47Boone, Ken470
48Blackstock, Gordon460
49Nessler, Rich450
50Hudec, PJ440
51Aguilar, Will430
52Ditty, Matt420
52Esikia, Felila420
52Fuhrman, P420
52Hutton, Peter420
52Sandoval, Armando420
52Smith, Mel420
58Bogenhuber, Alfread410
58Lambrechts, James410
60Casillas, Manny400
61Pollard, Jason390
62Stephenson, D380
63Makishima, Stephen360
64Hyde, Bernie350
64Metheany, Randy350
64Utigard, Norm350
67Reyes, Frank320
68Kristofferson, Don310
69Jackson, David300
69Reiser, Dennis300
71Ochoa, Fred290
72Saunders, Garrett280
73Gonsalves, Keith270
74Canepa, Joe250
74Kuchlenz, Geoff250
74Schenone, Mike250
77Irwin, Christopher240
78Ina, Kelly230
78Klein, Art230
78Shaffer, Michael230
78Wood Bill230
82Picchi, Emil220
82Ungaretti, Bryan220
84Harris, John200
84Kellner, George200
86Roberts Jr, Mark190
87Marchetti, Chris180
87Miller, T180
87Nikaido, Robert180
87O'Malley, Frank180
87Rojas, Glen180
92Mulhearn, Mike170
92Ryan, Mike170
94Gluck, Dave160
95Baltor, Dave150
95Mcgee, Mark150
97Feeley, Bill140
97Kim, Glenn140
97Sevillia, Mike140
100Shaw, Larry J 130
100Venturino, John130
102Amero, Z120
102Jurado, Manuel120
102Lusich, Jeff120
102McCann, Jim120
106Murphy, John110
107Frankel Jr, Peter100
107Parcell. Frank100
107Stein, Howard100
110Cullinane, Mike90
110Jauregui, Rich90
110Makishima, Takeo90
110Pannetta, Mike90
110Verducci, John90
115Cochran, Chuck80
115Cochran, Matt80
115D'Eredita, Stephen80
115DeSantis, Steve80
115Johnson, Eric80
115Masters, John80
115Mulkeen, Tom80
115Murray, Dan80
115Pomee, Sonasi80
115Ryan, Jim80
115Saxton, Perry80
126Murray, Jerry70
126Murray, Noel70
126Savin, Paul70
129Nelson, Brad60
129Takiguchi, Hisashi60
131Jeremy Bianucci50
131Purcell, Jack50
133Lagerloef, David40
133Levy, Jacob40
135Better, Jeff30
135Colvin, Roger30
137Edmondson, John20
137Huffman, Rawn20
137Mendoza, Steve20
137Mulhearn, Mike Jr20
137Perez, Eddie 20
137Schumacher, Keith20
137Stratfull, Rich20
137Witsoe, K20
145Courchaine, R10
145Davenport, G10
145Fonseca, Leo10
145Furr, R10
145Goerss, Ron10
145Humeny, Steve10
145Karson, P10
145McCool, Darrell10
145Michael Toomey10
145Morello, Steve10
145Olson, Matt10
145Reynolds, Fred 10
145Robert Furr10
145Salzer, Rick10
145Schneider, B10
145Souza, Bill 10
145Stavland, Lowell 10

The Poplar Cup is the new season-long friendly competition replacing the Poplar Creek Challenge which ended its run in the 2016 season.  The Poplar Cup is designed to involve every member who plays in any tournament they choose to play.  The Poplar Cup is all about points.  The more you play, the more points you earn.

Start Date

The Poplar Cup will start in October 2016 at the NCGA Zone Qualifier.


There are no eligibility requirements for the Poplar Cup.  You are automatically entered just by playing in any event throughout the season except for the three exempt tournaments (see below).


All tournaments during the season will be part of the Poplar Cup. However, Match Play, 2-Man NCGA Senior and the TOC will not be part of the Poplar Cup since these events have limited fields and would not be fair to those who are not eligible for these events.


There will be five majors throughout the season handing out DOUBLE points.

  • Beat the Pro
  • Las Positas
  • NCGA Net Amateur
  • Moffett Field
  • Club Championship


Points will be awarded to every player for simply completing an event – 10 points for normal events and 20 points for the majors.

Points will not be awarded if the player is a no show, withdraws or is disqualified from an event.

In addition, players who finish 1st thru 7th in their flight will be awarded extra points.

What this amounts to is the higher you finish in your flight, the more points you can earn.  Not all is lost if you don't finish 1st thru 7th, you will still earn 10 or 20 points for completing the event.

Here's an example of how points will be awarded in an average flight containing fifteen players.

Points Awarded
1 100 200
2 90 180
3 80 160
4 70 140
5 60 120
6 50 100
7 40 80
8 10 20
9 10 20
10 10 20
11 10 20
12 10 20
13 10 20
14 10 20
15 10 20

If there are more players in a flight then each player will receive 10 or 20 points.

For team events, the points are awarded to each player.

Points are awarded at each tournament except for the three events excluded from the Poplar Cup – Match Play, 2-Man NCGA Senior and the TOC.


At the end of the season the top ten players in the final points standing will receive a payout. 

1st 125.00
2nd 75.00
3rd 65.00
4th 55.00
5th 45.00
6th 35.00
7th 25.00
8th 25.00
9th 25.00
10th 25.00

The $500 prize fund will be funded by a $1.00 surcharge to the entry fee for the five major events.

In the event of a tie, the payouts will be combined and then split evenly.  For example, if two players tie for 4th, the 4th and 5th places will be combined and then split ($55 + $45 = $100.  $50 to each player).  The next payable spot will be 6th place.

The top ten point earners shares the $500 pot.

1 Steve Hildebrand 100.00 *
2 Charlie Joseph 100.00 *
3 William Jarvis 65.00
4 Levi Fontaine 55.00
5 Randy Gubert 45.00
6 Mike Eurkus 35.00
7 Bill Strahan 25.00
8 David Delbon 25.00
9 Michael Bradley 25.00
10 Cliff Vanover 25.00

Payable in Poplar Creek gift certificates.

* First place pays $125 and second place pays $75.  However, this year we had a tie for first so the two amounts were combined and then split evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happened to the Poplar Creek Challenge?
A. The Poplar Creek Challenge lasted five seasons and we saw a continuing pattern where players dropped off the leaderboard because they did not play the required tournaments which is not what we prefer.  We want to see as many players as possible vying for the prize fund.  Further, the Poplar Creek Challenge was a challenge (pun intended) to setup and maintain throughout the season.

Q. How many tournaments must I play to stay eligible?
A. There is no minimum tournaments to play.  You pick your schedule but obviously, the more you play, the more points you earn.

Q. What's the difference between the Gilliam Points and the Poplar Cup?  Players who play well will be at the top on both lists.
A. That's true for the Gilliam Points but let's look at it another way for the Poplar Cup.  Let's take a player who doesn't play often due to scheduling or who doesn't play well enough to cash throughout the season.  If they play well in only a few events including the majors then their points could vault them up the leaderboard.  Remember that the majors have double points and points are awarded for entering an event.  So a player could be rather silent on the Gilliam list but be a ninja in the Poplar Cup.

  Poplar Cup Poplar Creek
Format Points Best par 3-4-5 score on designated holes
# of eligible events 20 approx. 8
Minimum # events to play None 3 away + 1 home
Entry eligibility None None
Requirements to stay eligible throughout the season

No players are removed from eligibility

Player is removed if they do not play the minimum # of events.
Prize Fund $500 $500

All players get points for completing an event and more points for finishing 1-7 in their flight.  

Majors are double points.

Players can make big jumps on the leaderboard by placing 1-7 and playing well in the majors.

No players are DQ'd from the competition.

Players score their best score on designated holes throughout the season.

Players can drop out of competetion once they don't play the minimum # of events.

Cumbersome to setup and manage.

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