Tournament Points System – Letter to All Members

This letter was emailed to all existing members on September 29, 2013.


After many meetings, discussions and countless hours of reviewing and modeling tournament scores, the Board of Directors has voted unanimously on September 19, 2013 to adopt the Dean Knuth Pope of Slope Tournament Point system.  In direct consultation with Dean Knuth, we will be adopting a hybrid of his original point system for clubs who have many flighted tournaments annually.

This system was developed by Dean Knuth, past Senior Director of USGA who also developed the USGA Slope system and the USGA Course Rating system.  This system has been adopted by over 1000 golf clubs to date as well as many USGA Associations as their defacto standard for tournaments in order to make tournaments fair and equitable for all players.

In essence this system will create tournament handicaps for a small percentage of the membership. In this system, the top-3 net finishers in every flight will accrue points; 2 for 1st, 1 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd in all team and individual tournaments.  Based upon the points accrued and the number of tournaments played, a member’s tournament index may indicate a reduction.  The USGA Handicap Index is not changed.  The system examines a 24-month “rolling” performance in which a tournament is added and the oldest tournament is dropped.  Points and tournaments played are then recalculated and improvements or reductions may occur for the next tournament a member plays.  Reductions stay in place until the # of points and/or the # tournaments played changes, based upon the tables you will see on our web site.

The system will begin October 1, 2013 incorporating a three-month break-in period to allow members to view and understand the system.  During the break in period, we will publish results on our web site after every tournament indicating all tournament player stats and any reductions. No reductions will be made during the break-in period.  However, results calculated after the 12/14/13 tournament will be in effect for the first tournament in Jan 2014 and any index reductions will also be in effect at that time.

Please be aware if you are not reduced, you will play to your current NCGA handicap index.  If you happen to be reduced, you will play to a lower handicap index.  As always, course handicaps will then be calculated using the normal slope system on this lowered index.

Certainly, with the adoption of this point system members will have many questions and will want to review more information about how the system works.  Members should visit our web site at to read the information about this program. Everything you need is there including an FAQ, Quick Facts, tables, player’s stats, reductions, feedback survey etc.

We urge you to review the information carefully and please take a moment to complete the brief Feedback survey.  Your feedback is important as this new system is rolled out.

The Board of Directors believes this system will create a fair and equitable opportunity for all tournament participants to compete in our tournaments.

PCGC Board of Directors

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