Tournament Points System – Quick Facts

Quick Facts At A Glance
Program Name Tournament Points System
Aliases that may be used

TPS (Tournament Points System)
Pope (Pope of Slope)
Knuth (Dean Knuth)

Board Approved September 19, 2013
Official Start Date January 1, 2014


Break In Period
Break In Period October 1, 2013 thru December 31, 2013
Purpose of Break In Period To acclimate the membership to the new system for a three-month informational period so they can see how they may be affected while they play the tournaments during this period.
# Tournaments during Break In Period


First tournament = Point Par Stableford, 10/5/13
Last tournament = Santa Ball, 12/14/13

Are handicaps reduced during the break in period?


The Tournament Points System is informational only during the break in period.


Basics of Tournaments Point System ("TPS")
System is based on The Tournament Points System developed by Dean Knuth aka, Pope of Slope ( which is in use by over 1,000 golf clubs.
Purpose of this system

Make tournaments fair and equitable for all members.

The old system was to subjectively look at the player's posting history and their scoring performance in our tournaments.

The new system does not look at handicap history, posting history or scoring performance but instead looks at how many times the player cashed in tournaments over a period of two years.  The new system is completely objective, mathematical and looks purely at the player's "in the money" performance.

Basics of this system

Players accrue points based on placing "in the money" in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in their flight.

Mathematical calculations are made taking into account how many points the player earn in how many events which will then determine if a stroke reduction is warranted into a "Tournament Index".

# of years of data used in this system

24-month rolling period

As a new tournament enters the system, the tournaments older than 24 months are dropped off and are no longer part of the calculations.

Tournament Index applies to

All PCGC tournaments (individual, team and NCGA qualifiers).

Duration is as long as the player continues to meet the parameters outlined in the Charts tab.

Tournament Index does not apply to

The player's other clubs, other tournaments and casual rounds.

Tournament Index is reported to the NCGA


The tournament index is used only for PCGC events.

However, the Handicap Committee can take further steps to reduce the player's NCGA index if they determine that circumstances warrant a reduction.

How long does the player play to their Tournament Index?

As long as the player continues to fall within the parameters outlined in the Charts tab.

A player's status can change from tournament to tournament and if a tournament drops out of the 24-month rolling period.

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